Life Lessons from Nature and a Workaholics Bear Coat

Seasons are changing, leaves have fallen, and the first snows have already dusted your neighborhood. Gone are the days of parading around your house in minimal clothing. All of your warmth is drawn to the center of your bodies to protect your organs while your hands and feet slowly turn into blocks of ice. The local stores have already put their Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations up and it wonít be long before you hear the first Christmas carol come through on the radio. Many choose to see these yearly changes as a reason to whine and complain about how uncomfortable they are and how much they miss the heat. Those same people who start complaining about the heat as soon as summer rolls around.

Get Noticed While You Stay Warm

Other people choose to take on the change in seasons with a different mindset. They feel the cold, yet it does not bother them. They choose to accept the cold and move on with their lives. Not everyone can climb up Mount Everest barefoot wearing nothing but compression shorts like Wim Hoff. However, everyone with a strong mind can do their best to accept their current situation. Strong people focus their minds and they plan ahead. Winter being cold is not some new thing. Buy yourself a Workaholics bear coat and get noticed while you stay warm.

Go with the Flow and Take Care of Business

Humans really could learn a lot of lessons from the bear species. Many people have trouble understanding the difference between life-threatening situations and normal everyday stressors. This can cause all sorts of problems both physically and mentally. Animals see life so much differently than humans. There are only so many priorities an animal can understand. If it isnít a threat to life, food, water, or shelter, then animals donít care. That is the exact mindset a successful person should have. Donít sweat the small stuff and focus on what makes you happy. Put on your Workaholics bear coat and feel the freedom of nature. Of course the coat is not made up of real fur. That would just be cruel! However, that doesnít stop you from putting it on and taking care of business like a true animal!

This is a guest post published on Geek Tales.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

With hundreds of users generating massive amounts of data every day, itís no wonder enterprise organizations need enterprise storage solutions. Todayís options are plentiful. Below are a few enterprise storage solutions for large organizations to consider.

Online Storage

Online storage is a good solution for some organizations. Depending on your needs, online storage can serve as a backup solution, a file sharing and collaboration solution, or as a secure repository for sensitive files. Various online storage service providers exist, some of whom cater to enterprise organizations. Factors to consider include cost, features, and security (Source: Tegileís Enterprise Data Storage Solutions).

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network attached storage is just that, a network attached storage solution. This could be a series of hard disks or a storage device consisting of multiple disks such as a RAID device. The NAS is assigned its own network address, allowing other devices on the network to access the device.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A storage area network (SAN) is a network for storage devices that serves data to a network. The SAN is part of an enterpriseís larger network. Storage area networks support a number of data storage processes including backup and restore, disk mirroring, data archiving, and data migration.

Hybrid Storage

One of the more recent innovations in enterprise storage solutions involves hybrid drives. These drives combine traditional hard disks with solid state storage. As a result, they have the high storage capacities needed by enterprise organizations and perform much better than their all-hard disk counterparts. These hybrid storage solutions store commonly used data on solid state drives, allowing for superior performance most of the time. Meanwhile, less commonly used data is stored on traditional high capacity hard disks, allowing the enterprise to store massive amounts of data which can be accessed as needed (Source:†Storage Challenges Whitepaper) .

Online storage, network attached storage, storage area networks, and hybrid storage solutions are but a few examples of some of the more common enterprise storage solutions available today.