Give Respect to Your Audience

In an age where people send text messages or simply send photos of where they are to their friends on social media, it is not surprising that people have forgotten how to speak on the phone. Instead of talking in a polite and professional tone, some people use slang or speak in exasperated tones while communicating on the phone.

Telephone Etiquette Is Easy to Learn

The good news is that learning how to talk on the telephone isn’t as hard as it may appear. As you will learn in most etiquette classes, the most important thing that you will learn is how to stay patient when someone has a long-winded question, learn how to reply concisely and politely and how to ask for clarification if you don’t understand what the person on the other line is saying.

This Etiquette Can Be Extended to Other Forms of Communication

The way that you talk on the phone is more or less an extension of the way that you should talk to people in any sort of conversation. When you write a letter, you should always address the recipient as Mr., Ms. or Mrs. The letter should then state what you are trying to tell the person and what sort of action that you would like the person to take in response. The action that you want the reader to take can be anything from simply responding to your letter to clarifying past remarks or asking for information from a third-party.

Clear and Concise Communication Saves Time and Energy

It is important to say as much as possible in as few words as possible to ensure that you don’t come off as boring and lose the attention of your audience. By using a single paragraph instead of a page to list a concern or suggest an idea, you make it easy for the recipient or recipients to know what you hope to get from them.

Etiquette is something that you can learn quickly if you are interested in learning about it. In just a few classes, you can come off as well-mannered and respectful whether you are talking on the phone, in person or through written communication with another person.

Terrible web design trends to watch out for

In the field of web design and development there is always room for improvement. What you thought was a great website today is old news tomorrow and this is why so many companies spend time rebranding and sprucing up their old washed out image. Of course as the years have gone by we have seen some web design trends. Some are great, some are just plain awful and some are overused.
In the world of design you will see a great design idea simply ripped apart and destroyed by thousands of other designers trying to put their spin on it. This doesn’t mean that you should not be prone to web design trends…it simply means that you need to be careful when using them to create a client’s website. Corporate image is everything so make sure that you incorporate features and functions into your web design that are timeless.

Loading screens – these are dangerous to include on a website because they can frustrate a user. No one gets excited about seeing a loading screen, especially if it is moving slowly. If you are looking for a fast way to lose interest, this is probably it.

Hidden navigation and menus – while it’s great to offer a flat design website where clients can scroll for days to reach the sections that they want, this can become quite annoying. If there is no clear menu on the page to take a person to certain sections of the site, you can expect them to lose interest – probably very quickly too.

Moving animations – chances are that a person is on a website to find information. Moving animations such as falling snowflakes or flapping butterflies across the screen can certainly cause distraction and irritation.

Pesky pop-ups – when a person is bombarded with “sign up now” or “open an account” messages that just pop up and don’t go away when they are ignored, are bound to find somewhere else to go. Think twice before attaching these to the main pages. Rather add a tab or section somewhere where a user can decide independently.

Background music – yes you are probably thinking that the person can turn this off via their web browser, but how many users know how to do this? Also, it can be quite irritating to have the sound of lions roaring over and over again in the background if you need to minimise a site to come back to it later. Think twice before you suggest background sounds and music to clients.

These are just a few of the bad web design trends that you should avoid when creating a website for a client. If you would like some design inspiration browse through some web design examples and see what you like about the site and what would irritate you. The idea is to provide the user with a pleasant experience and maybe even get them wondering which web Design Company was involved in the creation of the site.

Manufacturing an Item

I am not really sure if you are aware of it, but manufacturing an item even as simple as a screw or needle requires a lot of work on the part of those who manufacture it. The whole process usually consists of a few stages during which everything has to be absolutely perfect.

Fortunately for the manufacturers, there are some useful tools out there that are great help when it comes to the whole manufacturing process. I am thinking here about all those tools such as this manufacturing software from TGI. I am really glad that there are some tools on the market allowing the manufacturers to become a lot better and more efficient and effective when it comes to what they do. Probably without such tools the lives of many manufacturers would be a lot harder.

If you produce some sort of items and you have a hard time making a profit, it might mean that you are doing something wrong. Are you using those solutions that are absolutely the best and the most optimized solutions you can find on the market? Try to answer those questions and you will see that some sort of help might be exactly what you are looking for. It might be hard to do everything on your own, and sometimes receiving a helpful hand is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Wafer Bows

Wafers are thin layers of semiconducting nature that are used in the industries that specialize in the fabrication of microelectronic devices. Wafers play an important role in solar energy industries, and solar sells manufacturing. Wafers used for solar cells production have a peculiar rough surface, which improves their efficacy. Wafers have various thickness measurements and must be in line with established standards.
Several variables are important during production involving wafers, i.e. wafer bow, curvature, stress, etc. All of these components must be kept in line to ensure successful results. To learn more about how you can get exact measurements, contact kSpace engineers now.

Laser Shows

Have you ever been to a laser show? If not, then I highly recommend that you do it when you have a chance. This is something that you will never forget for the rest of your life as laser shows can be quite spectacular.

I have to tell you that if I were an event organizer, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy laser light to enhance the experience of all participants of any event I organize. Because of this, I would use a laser show service to help me get what I want.

Finding Good PowerPoint Designers

Have you been put in charge of the company’s next presentation? Are you struggling to make sense of PowerPoint and express your ideas in a concise, informative and visually engaging way?

You don’t have to slog through the program when other options are available. If you need a helping hand for your next project, here are just three tips for outsourcing the work and finding good PowerPoint designers.

1: Know Your Needs

Are you putting together a lecture for high school students or a professional presentation for a group of shareholders? This will have a direct impact on things like word count, font size and the overall text-to-image ratio, so look for a group with experience in reaching your demographic.

2: Seek Collaborators

A good PowerPoint team will welcome your input and listen to your critiques. It’s your presentation, after all! They may hold the reins when it comes to design, but you’re the one whose future depends on it. Avoid any designers who aren’t open and accommodating to your ideas.

3: Consider Price

How much do they charge? When do they charge? Some companies request payment up front; others will allow you to see and approve of the final product before sending you the bill. Make sure you understand their pricing and payment plans in full before signing a contract.

If you need a little help with your PowerPoint presentation, these are just three things to keep in mind when choosing a designer. Contact professionals like eSlide ( to learn more!

Celebrating Christmas

I like to be able to celebrate Christmas during various times of year, not only during the month of December. even right now, in the middle of the summer, I like to be able to think about the wonderful atmosphere that Christmas provides. Maybe this is why I decided to visit this website and look at all those wonderful decorations that they offer. I am glad that I can think of Christmas in July because it makes me so much happier.

Upbeat Music

I am always up for some shopping to help me improve my musical experiences that i already enjoy so much anyway. For example, one of the ways to make those experiences even better is to check some excellent accessories at and use them to my heart’s content. I don’t know about you, but upbeat music always cheers me up. Probably this is why I listen to it so much in my spare time.

4 Tips for Choosing The Right Bilge Pump

Did you know that most boats only have one bilge pump? This is despite the fact that experts agree you should always have redundancies in place, especially on larger boats. Depending on the size of your watercraft, you should have anywhere from four to five pumps spread out on the carrier.

So where should you begin if you’re looking to reach that safety standard? What criteria should you use when buying bilge pumps? Here are four guidelines.

1: Know Your Power Requirements

The size of your boat will determine your energy needs. For example, if you’re running a small ship, 2,500gph should be enough power in your pumps. On the other hand, if you’re manning something 40ft or larger, you’ll need at least 6,000gph.

2: Consider Your Hose

Hoses never reach the flow rates they boast on the package; gravity and vertical lifts prevent it. So rather than judging your hose by the numbers, think about size, material type and anti-corrugation features.

3: Keep Location In Mind

You should have a bilge pump at every source of enclosed water in your boat, so if there are several, you’ll need to budget for multiple pumps. You should also strongly consider putting your best and largest pump at the lowest point in the bilge.

4: Think About The Future

Don’t buy a pump just because it suits your needs today. Consider the future as well, especially if you plan on running your pumps ragged with lots of activity. Will they stand up to rust and corrosion? Will their parts be easy to clean?

These are just four tips for buying the right bilge pump. Contact your local outfitter or pump specialist for additional information.

Building A Strong Web Presence

Creating a solid presence on the web may be important for many individuals, businesses, enterprises and organizations. The process of building a website in Canada begins with the registration of a domain name. There are literally hundreds of different extensions that are available for domains. However, each country in the world is assigned its own specific extension that is available for registration to individuals and entities living in that nation. For commercial and informational applications within a specific country, it is best to register a domain name that bears the extension for that nation.

In Canada, the .ca extension is the official standard for domain names associated with this country. This means that Canadian residents can take advantage of this extension in order to better attract more visitors to a website. ca domains with .ca extensions are proven to have better conversion rates for any given keyword that is being searched on top search engines. Additionally, there are social media sites with specific editions for countries. For example, there may be virtual international encyclopedias that are dedicated specifically to a particular nation. Similarly, the same keyword can be used to register a completely different domain name because of the specific extension assigned to a nation. Domain name registration Canada services may also offer customers the chance to purchase affordable hosting plans that come with technical support. Additionally, domain registration services offer options such as keeping a webmaster’s information private. Renewal reminders also help webmasters to extend their domains in time.