Host Your Own Radio Station

SHOUTcast stream hosting servers allow online users to run their own virtual radio stations. This revolutionary concept was put into fruition years ago, and continues to soar in global popularity. With a virtual radio station, you can play music or host your own online talk shows.

Virtual Radio Stations

Virtual radio stations have been around for years. From sports programs to live music, these online stations are enjoyed by millions of listeners from around the world. If you have always wanted to host your own radio show, there are hosting companies that can turn your dreams into realities. All it takes is some research on the web to find the best hosting company and server for your station. While some hosting services are free, they compensate for lost revenue by placing advertisements and banners on your radio’s page. If you want a banner free station, you have to pay a nominal fee to set your radio station up. You will then need to pay a recurring monthly fee to keep your station online and on the desired server.

Rules and Regulations

While radio hosting servers are great, there are certain rules and regulations that all broadcasters have to abide by. For one, any licensed or official music played on your station must have relevant links and sources. For example: a Michael Jackson song played on your station must include song title, album name, date of release, and distributor or publishing information. This can prevent any issues, such as unauthorized play list warnings and citations. Secondly, you must describe your station and designate a certain age group for it. This can be done by accessing the settings section on your radio station’s page. Lastly, all sponsors or advertisements must be approved by the provider before displaying them on your radio page or social media links.

Building a Fan Base

SHOUTcast stream hosting servers facilitate thousands of radio stations. While some only last a few days, others have been successful enough to last several years. In order to make the most out of your online virtual station, you need to build a loyal following. In order to do this, you need to market your site across vast networks. This includes your social media pages, along with word out mouth and even advertisements. While you may have a great station, there really is no point to it if no one is tuning in. You can also check the Internet for more help on securing a strong fan base for your online station.

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Marketing on a Budget

After starting a new website, you probably do not want to spend plenty of money on advertising it. You are lucky, because many marketing tools are available to you for free. One of the best ways to market your new online business is to find a forum discussing your niche. After finding such a forum, consider becoming an active member and engage in various discussions. Many forums allow their users to promote their websites for free by linking to them in their signatures. Another thing you can do to promote your online business is to contact anyone who might seem to be your potential customer. On every message board you visit, observe its users, what they write, what they would like to buy, etc. Most message boards give users the possibility to contact other users by sending them private messages. Use it to your advantage. Make your messages look personal, and avoid making it look like a sales pitch.