Effective Marketing Strategies

Every business needs advertising. That is because without any advertising it would be very hard to attract customers. There are many ways to advertise your business and some ways are more effective than others. I would like to list a few marketing strategies that seem to work:

-Set up a website. More and more businesses use the Internet as a new venue to attract customers. Even if you do not have an online business, setting up an online website is a good idea. Allowing people to buy products online is the next step.
-You can always use promotional products. This is a sure way to promote a brand.
-Offering promotions and special offers is also a good idea. It can give you an edge over your competitors and promotions can entice customers into your store. You should also observe if your competitors are offering any promotions.

There are many effective marketing strategies, but I hope that the above list will help you get started.

WordPress Errors

It seems like a good amount of bloggers are experiencing the WordPress �mm_handled� error, which triggers when you want to write a new post. What happens is that the custom fields section shows mm_handled over and over again. There are hundreds of mm_handled fields to fill out and for some people this prevents creating new posts completely. On the other hand, for others it extremely slows down posting. It is hard to say why this happens, but so far there are at least two things you can do:

� Use Firefox, as at least you can create posts, but unfortunately posting is slowed down. While this is not really a solution to the problem, it will allow you to publish a important post without taking more drastic steps.
� You can reinstall WordPress. This should fix the problem, as it worked for many people. On the down side, this will take you some time and don�t forget to backup your database or any template changes. I cannot offer any easier solution, but if you think that you have a better idea please let me know by commenting.

I know that those who experience this problem might be feeling really lazy when it comes to posting, and that is why this error should be fixed as soon as possible.