Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe

This time I would like to list a few reasons why readers might unsubscribe from your RSS feed. This will help you to avoid any mistakes you could otherwise make.

� One of the reasons your readers might unsubscribe is posting too often. Some visitors do not want you to update your blog so often; however, it depends on the type of a blog.
� Promoting your blog too often is why many subscribers decide to unsubscribe. Nobody likes people with a big ego, so no wonder that some people might get annoyed. Blog promotion is important, but do it in moderation.
� Making personal attacks in posts. Many readers would probably feel like in a middle of a fight and this would make them uncomfortable. Try to be friendly and by doing so you will attract many readers.
� Readers sometimes change their interests and I think there is nothing you can really do about it. However, if you own many blogs, then you may want to direct them to one of your other blogs.

I think that most webmasters would agree with me that this topic is interesting, and that is why in the future I might still comment on this topic.