Improving Your Productivity on Digg

Submitting articles to Digg is one of the best ways to draw traffic to your site without spending a dime. The only requirement is that you should have some high quality posts that are worth digging. You should also know how to entitle them in order to attract a lot of traffic. If you are already using Digg, you may want to start using one of these tools in order to enhance your productivity:

� Digg This for Firefox is a plug-in that allows you to select any text while browsing the net when using Firefox and submit it to Digg by right-clicking and selecting “Digg This!”. I think this is the fastest way to submit your post.
� Digg Alerter can track the Digg stories you have submitted along with their Digg count, so that you will be able to see if they have gone popular or not. Great tool for monitoring the status of your stories, especially useful if you are pretty active on Digg.

Submitting your articles to Digg will surely result in a lot of new visitors if you know what you are doing. Make sure to only submit articles that are really interesting.

Three Secrets of Successful Business People

These days, many entrepreneurs and aspiring small business owners are interested in developing their skill sets and growing professionally in order to attain profound success. If this is your vocational goal, you should know that there are several habits that successful business people utilize in order to realize their full potential and accomplish their professional objectives. Here are three:

1. They Budget.

Successful business people are very money conscious. This does not mean that they obsess over wealth or allow it to dominate their lives. It simply means that they know making prudent use of their capital is the key to financial stability and growth. In recognizing this simple reality, successful business people make personal budgets and also have an understanding of what type of budget their corporations are working off of. By maintaining this extensive knowledge of how much disposal wealth they have to work with, successful business people are able to make prudent financial decisions that ward off things like overspending, underspending, etc.

2. They Develop Multiple Streams Of Income.

Yet another habit that successful business people tend to cultivate is the development of multiple streams of income. Savvy corporate leaders realize that one source of income is subject to dissipate at any moment. For this reason, they make sure that they have more than one way to develop income. In so doing, they do not have to worry about maintaining financial stability or growth as they do their professional work. There are numerous ways that an individual can develop multiple streams of income, such as investing, starting a blog, or buying and selling homes for profit.

3. They’re Philanthropic.

One final principle that successful business owners tend to put in place is that they’re philanthropic. This means that they take time to give back to the local or global communities in a significant way. Philanthropic work can involve anything from donating money to a charity to opening a school for orphans. An example of a successful philanthropic business man would be Robert Rosenkranz. In addition to working as the CEO of Delphi Financial Group, Rosenkranz has funded several museum exhibitions and donated a substantive art collection to Harvard. You can see Robert Rosenkranz on Forbes and learn more about him there.


If you’re interested in becoming a successful business person, you should know that there are several strategies you can implement to make it happen. By developing a budget, obtaining multiple streams of income, and being more philanthropic, you will likely find that your business develops the sound reputation and solid principles that help facilitate profound growth. As you begin to implement the aforementioned strategies, note that seeing tangible results may take time. However, the results and rewards that come will make your efforts worth it!