Scanning The Body

An MRI is often ordered when a doctor needs to examine the body closely and can’t see what needs to be detected with an ordinary blood test or an x-ray. The MRI sounds like it’s a big deal, but if you know how to get through the scan, then you will do fine through the procedure as it’s really just like taking a large picture of the body. An open MRI New Jersey facility makes it a bit easier to have the scan done as you aren’t in an enclosed tube to have the images taken. The noise isn’t as loud, and you don’t feel as claustrophobic with the open design.

One of the advantages of the open system is that the sides aren’t enclosed. It’s a table with the machine circling over and around you. The open design makes it easier for obese patients and those who are elderly and aren’t able to move as easily to lay on the table to get the scan done. Children can have a parent with them while the scan is done so that they aren’t frightened by the machine.

You might worry that insurance companies won’t pay for the MRI. Most insurance companies will pay for the scan, but they will often need an order from a doctor stating that it’s required before the insurance will pay for the scan. Most MRI procedures take about half an hour. Some will take a little longer depending on the details that the doctor is trying to see. You will be on a table that is similar to one that you would see in an operating room. The MRI machine is above you and will simply move around you to capture the images. There will be a technician who tells you when o hold your breath or if you need to move any area of the body. The room is well-lit so that you can see everything that is taking place. This is a benefit of the open design as well as the enclosed tube doesn’t really allow you to see much of what’s taking place inside the room aside from the machine.