Scam Sites

Agloco was the first Internet based economic network that paid its active members for their online activities. All you had to do is install Viewbar software and it would automatically record the time you are actively online. This software had tendencies to slow down your computer, but since users were promised to get paid for it, they were using it anyway.

You could also earn money by referring your friends to Agloco and this was what many people had done. Actually, there was a four level referral system, and you were supposed to be paid for each hour when your friends or family members you recruit would surf the Web with the Viewbar running. There was no limit to the number of referrals you could accumulate, so many users were joining as they thought that the potential to earn money was quite big. Unfortunately, for all of the users, Agloco ceased to exist and stopped paying its users for surfing. In truth, it was a variation of a pyramid scheme and anyone who was using their services became a victim. I am writing this post, because I want to warn all of you who get exited over websites that promise a lot. That is because very often such websites will not be able to deliver what they promise.