Vote For the Most Popular Blogs

There is an interesting website I came across, specifically BloggersChoiceAwards. It is a website that allows users to vote on blogs in different categories such as Best Celebrity Blogger, Best Religion Blog, and Best Blog Design. There are many other categories as well, I believe a few dozen in total. I think that with so many categories it should be easy to find blogs which you would have interest in. If you want to be famous, or if you are looking for a challenge, then you can submit your own blog and hope that your blog will be nominated with the most votes possible.

On the other hand, if you are looking to contribute in a different way, you are free to leave comments. In the future, I expect to see more and more websites that give some sort of awards. I noticed that when a website of this type launches, it very often wants to receive valuable backlinks. I do not have anything against it, but many of the websites which give some sort of rewards do it in order to receive backlinks. If you do not mind to put the reward on the homepage of your blog, it is alright.