The Importance of Email Marketing for New Start-Ups

Marketing is the one principle that cannot be ignored when it comes to building a business that is going to be profitable and successful. This tool or the lack of can make or break a business. Although this has been ignored or neglected in the past, E-mail marketing must be considered one of the more basic principles of an internet marketing strategy but one cannot overlook its importance. Small businesses, either operating online or offline have a lot to gain form email marketing but yet many of them ignore this and without knowing, costing them potential clients. This method or marketing is often the only way of marketing available to bloggers.

Why not look at some benefits of email marketing and when make a decision:

  • Reaches mass clients � a message can be send to a huge database of people all at once.
  • Cost effective �No renting of an office is required and you will be able to reach people all over the world. The return will exceed the initial cost of sending out you mail making it a cost effective option.
  • Measurable results- Because all invitations and e-mailers sent out are measurable, you will be able to know exactly how many people received, opened and read your mail, while also making it easy for them to respond to you. We also give you the tools to track your email campaign in real-time, with easy to use graphs and charts to give you both an at-glance overview and detailed analysis, including clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.
  • Integrates with your online marketing strategy – you can include links to your social media and blog posts. Customers will often do research online before picking up the phone or coming into your business to buy in person and email marketing will trigger this process.
  • �Successful Survey- Quick, online surveys with fast, automatically measured results will keep you in the loop. Whether you�re doing a customer satisfaction survey to measure your customers� experience, company insight survey to understand your staff or evaluate the competition, surveys are your best bet when it comes to instant feedback.
  • �Segmenting Emails �You can group you clients into smaller batches and you can choose to make receipt visible or not.
  • Public relations – it builds brand awareness, maintains customer relationships and encourages loyalty as well as repeat business.

Phoenix Digital provides professional email marketing services to boost your online business. We offer a detailed process for every customer in order to improve your company�s online marketing presence.

Five Important Elements of Internet Marketing

When starting a small business, you know it is important to get the word out to your customers, or in other words, you need to market your products or services. One of the most important elements in marketing is taking advantage of online marketing. Using the Internet is essential since nearly everyone is connected to the Internet. Internet marketing defined by OrangeSoda is basically any effort you make to promote your business online. It includes such things as the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search advertising
  • Content marketing

Email Marketing

One of the most common forms of online marketing is to send promotions or advertisements to email accounts. Companies collect email lists through various methods. Individuals can subscribe to receiving updates, specials, newsletters, and other messages from your company via email.

Social Media Marketing

It is very common to hear or see an ad urging you to, �follow us on Facebook.� This is an example of using social media to market your business. Typically, social media marketing involves using sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Search Engine Optimization

When someone uses a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! to find a website, there are many links that appear on the search engine results page (SERP). Most individuals select a link from the first page, especially those at the top. They do not scroll through several pages. Therefore, you want your website to appear towards the top of the search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves using techniques to get your website to come up higher on the SERP.

Paid Search Advertising

Closely related to SEO is paid search advertising. Paid search advertising is when your website appears at the top of the SERP and invites people to click into your website. However, you only need to pay for that advertising opportunity when someone actually clicks your link.

Content Marketing

Another element of Internet marketing is content marketing. You have probably participated in this aspect of marketing without even realizing it. It happens whenever you read a company�s blog or watch one of its YouTube videos. Content marketing shares useful, informational content in hopes that you will like what you learn and visit the company�s website.