Monetizing Your Smartphone Apps

It seems that there can be a lot of money in smartphone applications. Every apps developer who makes a decent profit from making such applications will tell you know that it is true.

The key to monetizing your smartphone application or applications is to find a way to spread the word about your work. You will not get very far as a developer if all you do is to develop an application and then leave it be. Marketing in this case might be as important or even more important than developing your application. The secret here is to advertise in the right places at the right time.

I have been planning to become a smartphone apps developer for some time now after seeing how others have been successful in this area. I have a few applications I would like to see the light one day and I am seriously hoping that my plans are going to come into fruition in the nearest future. Of course, in order to be able to accomplish this I am going to need some help. This is where Tapjoy comes in with all that they have to offer.

After visiting Tapjoy Facebook Page, I realized that building smartphone applications might be a lot easier than I have always thought. This means that I might be interested in developing them a lot earlier than I thought. There is also Tapjoy Youtube Channel containing some useful videos I am planning to watch in my spare time.

Tree Adventures

When I was just a little kid, I used to take part in all kinds of garden activities with my siblings and my cousins. Since we didn’t have any computer games to play at that time (some simple computer games were starting to emerge), all we would do was to spend time in the garden, especially during summer months. Tree climbing was the preferred way to spend our free time. Unfortunately, my uncle didn’t like the idea at all. Having seen us climbing the trees, he started cutting all the lower branches of the trees we liked with the help of the tools one can find on Sherrilltree. This was basically the end of our tree-climbing adventures, but I guess the fond memories from this special time will remain forever.