How to deal with Malware Websites

I would like to share with you how I deal with malware websites. Basically, I use a free Firefox add-on called NoScript. NoScript is often called the king of scripts and it is a plugin for Firefox, which enables you to block JavaScript, Java, Flash and other executable contents in order to ensure the safety of browsing the web. Firefox with NoScript installed is often considered to be the most safe way to browse the internet. I can verify this myself, as I use this plugin personally. This is what are some of the new features from NoScript:

New blocked objects menu to temporarily allow any blocked plugin content instance on the page.
Enhanced blocked content placeholders
Prevention of Java exploits based on malformed class names.
Enhanced bookmark and location bar management. I think that those features will be quite useful and will make this plugin even more desirable.

What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Whether searching for a small office for your upstart business or looking for a larger space for your growing business, you know that working with a real estate broker is your best option. A broker essentially brokers a deal between a buyer and a seller to ensure that both parties are happy. When searching for Chicago office space, there are a few simple things you should look for in a broker.

Listens to You

You want someone who will not only listen to you but only show you options that meets your needs. If the broker continually shows you office spaces that are outside of your budget or have too little or too much space, it’s time to move on and work with someone new.

Offers Multiple Choices

The best brokers are those who show you multiple choices. They might take you on tours of dozens of properties and show you multiple neighborhoods across the city to get a feel for what you want and need. Good brokers will also listen to your comments about each property and use your feedback to find better properties,

No Hidden Fees

Another thing to look for in a commercial broker is someone who want charge you hidden fees. Many brokers only accept payment once you sign a lease or agree to buy, and some only charge the sellers or landlords fees and not the buyers and renters. A broker who listens to you, doesn’t charge hidden fees and offers multiple choices is sure to find you the best office space.