A New Trend Takes Hold in the Oil and Gas Industry

People who own mineral rights understand very well the difficulty of converting those rights into actual money. While owning mineral rights gives one a legal claim to a significant amount of capital, that capital is far from liquid. Even if you happened upon a plot of land or inherited a lot with oil beneath it, you can’t just stick a shovel in and sell the contents to your neighbor. Therein lies the difficulty of mineral rights. If the process for selling what you have is so difficult, then how useful are the rights in the first place?

With this in mind, some companies have popped up to make this process much easier. Oil and gas royalty companies serve as an intermediary in the process. These royalty companies provide various ways for people to cash in on the oil rights they have already garnered. The most popular scenario for mineral rights holders is to allow a royalty company to extract the minerals, make deals on behalf of the mineral rights owner and provide that owner with a percentage of the sales profit. This is a keen method for taking otherwise indiscriminate rights and creating cash.

The good thing about today’s oil and gas companies is that they are willing to work closely with mineral rights holders to come up with customized solutions. Some people might want to sell their rights to a company, taking an up front payment for the right to drill into the ground. Other mineral rights holders may want to be an active part of the process, overseeing what happens with the land in a more hands-on way. Good oil and gas companies are excellent at coming up with solutions that match the long-term goals of each rights owner.

Having mineral rights and a plot of land is a valuable thing. It becomes more valuable for those individuals who find a way to turn their rights into actual liquidity. These people don’t have to do it alone. They can enlist the help of good, sharp companies that specialize in working with people just like them. It makes sense to take this option while oil and gas is valuable rather than waiting until an indeterminate time in the future when those rights might not be as valuable.