Blogs About Blogging

I believe that blogs about blogging will become increasingly popular. Some people might wonder why I think so. That is because such blogs are a useful resource for all bloggers no matter what niche they belong to. Basically, as long as there are blogs, there will be blogs about blogging, as people will need advice. It doesn�t matter what kind of blogs will be the most popular: business blogs, personal blogs, or technology blogs. The important thing is that all of them are blogs. Secondly, the cost of maintaining a blog about blogging is lower than is some other niches where you need to upload a lot of videos, files, or images. Many hosting companies claim they offer unlimited bandwidth, but in reality they will close your account if you exceed some limit that they set secretly. That is why it is an advantage to have a website which does not require a lot of bandwidth. Lastly, since there are so many new blogs being created every day, there is a large audience to address. Someone has to teach new bloggers about blogging, as there is plenty to teach. While blogging platforms might seem easier and easier to work with, in reality there are so many tools, plug-ins, and decisions to make that most webmasters will appreciate useful advice.