Building A Strong Web Presence

Creating a solid presence on the web may be important for many individuals, businesses, enterprises and organizations. The process of building a website in Canada begins with the registration of a domain name. There are literally hundreds of different extensions that are available for domains. However, each country in the world is assigned its own specific extension that is available for registration to individuals and entities living in that nation. For commercial and informational applications within a specific country, it is best to register a domain name that bears the extension for that nation.

In Canada, the .ca extension is the official standard for domain names associated with this country. This means that Canadian residents can take advantage of this extension in order to better attract more visitors to a website. ca domains with .ca extensions are proven to have better conversion rates for any given keyword that is being searched on top search engines. Additionally, there are social media sites with specific editions for countries. For example, there may be virtual international encyclopedias that are dedicated specifically to a particular nation. Similarly, the same keyword can be used to register a completely different domain name because of the specific extension assigned to a nation. Domain name registration Canada services may also offer customers the chance to purchase affordable hosting plans that come with technical support. Additionally, domain registration services offer options such as keeping a webmaster’s information private. Renewal reminders also help webmasters to extend their domains in time.