Cloud Storage

I am sure that you have heard the term cloud storage before. In a nutshell, cloud storage is a �suped-up� version of something known to the public as online backup.

Only backup can come in handy to many people, not only to small business owners. It can come in handy basically to anybody who wants to for some reason store any data online instead of storing them offline.

I will never forget visiting for the first time. I was pumped at the idea of entrusting the fate of my precious files to somebody who would take good care of them. I created an account and started experimenting with the content of the website. It was so easy that even my four year old would be able to do it (who knows, maybe next time I need to open in a new account in a place like this I am going to ask my toddler to do it for me. The fact that he can do it himself is rather a good thing you have to admit).

So, to continue my story, I opened a fresh account that would allow me to store and share my important files. It was easy peasy. Probably the best part about cloud storage is the fact that the files are constantly updated even as we speak (and even as I continue to write this post). What is more, even while I run my data in the background of my PC, the online cloud storage facility I chose keeps synching those data for me.

I could still write a few other things I liked about the service. Being able to access my data from several devices is definitely a plus too as I don’t have my computer running all the time. This is just another perk of choosing cloud storage over any other option available to me.