Cooperation in Computer Games

Those who are interested in online computer games, including online roleplaying games, know that Warhammer Online was released September last year. Along with other titles that were published such as Age of Conan, last year was quite a good year for MMORPG enthusiasts.

Generally speaking, I think that what is really fun for people is to compete with others, but also cooperate at the same time. Another element that is important is the ability to measure your results. When it comes to other activities besides computer games, it seems that sports match this description. When you play football, you compete with others, but on the other hand you also cooperate with your team. There is also a clear way to measure your score. The clear way to measure the score makes the game interesting, because it adds even more excitement and competition between teams. The reason why I am talking about sports is because Warhammer is built on the same principles, and that you are going to get a lot of excitement from the game while making friends, but also competing with others. Instead of sport teams you have Realms, but the way it works is very similar. Warhammer Online was released September last year, and it already sold one million copies.