Corporate Housing: Combining Business with Pleasure

If you do a lot of business traveling, there are times when you may grow weary of hotels. Even the best hotel accommodations can become wearying as well as expensive if you find yourself needing to stay in an area for a significant length of time. Corporate housing provides short-term rentals of furnished apartments and suites that can meet your needs for those not moderate length business trips.

While staying in corporate housing still isn’t like staying at home, it can at least approximate home away from home. This can be especially helpful when you decide to travel with your family. Many families don’t want to be apart from each other for longer periods of business travel. While relocating your family for an extended period of time is challenging, using corporate housing can relieve some of that stress and give you and your family a home-base for activities.

Certain cities have well-developed corporate housing programs. Sacramento corporate housing options, for example, are strong because of the large volume of companies located in the area. When you work with corporate housing partners, you can often tailor the housing to your specific needs, which may be simple for short-term trips but more complex for extended stays. You can not only get specific amenities you need, but can get assistance in finding housing in areas, like school districts you particularly like, that will serve your family needs.