Edmonton Car Insurance Quotes � Useful Information

Owning a car in the Edmonton, Alberta area means that drivers have to comply with the mandatory car insurance laws. These oblige users of cars to have a certain amount of cover, including third party liability, and Accident protection, providing benefits for anyone injured in an accident. These policies must be included in any car insurance policy, so when getting Edmonton car insurance quotes, it is a good idea to check that these necessary items have been added as part of the cover. Without these, drivers will not be issued with the Pink Card which is required in order to legally drive on the roads in Canada.


The two mandatory parts consist of a liability which provides cover for a driver if they are in an accident which was their fault, and which has caused injuries and damage to property. The insurer’s job is to provide legal support, up to the amount named in the policy. There is a minimum insurance of $200,000, but the majority of policy holders would prefer to have the $1 million cover. This is because the legal bills can be staggering, and any lost court case will often include requirements to pay the legal costs of the other side.


The other mandatory policy is there to provide benefits for anyone who is injured in an accident for which the policy holder is responsible. This can include: medical bills, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation, cover for lost income, and even funeral expenses and death benefits. In some cases, the policy holder can be the victim of an accident, but is required to use their own insurance to cover their costs. This is an additional part of this cost, often called uninsured motorists cover, which provides benefits if the policy holder is injured or their property damaged by either an unknown or uninsured driver.


All of this means that anyone using a car in Canada needs to have quite extensive cover before they even start looking at the additional policies it is possible to have. When getting Edmonton car insurance quotes, it is essential that all of the cover described here is included in the policy. Without it, the insurance cover is almost useless, and the driver may be travelling illegally. Checking with the insurance company before signing the policy is one way to ensure that the driver gets all the cover that they need.


Each of these policies is mandatory, and there is no excuse for not having them on a Canadian insurance cover document. However, in the modern age, some policy holders may attempt to juggle their cover so that it is more affordable. When looking at Edmonton car insurance quotes, either online or with a professional, the policy holder needs to make it clear that they need the mandatory insurance. In Alberta, this is particularly true, as there is no governmental policy providing all of the necessary cover. Reading through the policy statements carefully should provide the user with the best idea of what they are taking out before they sign.