Finding Good PowerPoint Designers

Have you been put in charge of the company’s next presentation? Are you struggling to make sense of PowerPoint and express your ideas in a concise, informative and visually engaging way?

You don’t have to slog through the program when other options are available. If you need a helping hand for your next project, here are just three tips for outsourcing the work and finding good PowerPoint designers.

1: Know Your Needs

Are you putting together a lecture for high school students or a professional presentation for a group of shareholders? This will have a direct impact on things like word count, font size and the overall text-to-image ratio, so look for a group with experience in reaching your demographic.

2: Seek Collaborators

A good PowerPoint team will welcome your input and listen to your critiques. It’s your presentation, after all! They may hold the reins when it comes to design, but you’re the one whose future depends on it. Avoid any designers who aren’t open and accommodating to your ideas.

3: Consider Price

How much do they charge? When do they charge? Some companies request payment up front; others will allow you to see and approve of the final product before sending you the bill. Make sure you understand their pricing and payment plans in full before signing a contract.

If you need a little help with your PowerPoint presentation, these are just three things to keep in mind when choosing a designer. Contact professionals like eSlide ( to learn more!