Hiring a Virtual Assistant

I started my small company some time ago. The company as well as the profits are nothing to brag about really, but I am getting busier and busier with the business trying to make sure that everything runs smoothly. When I looked at the profits from the last couple of months, I started noticing a growing trend. The data tells me that my company is heading in the right direction and that soon I might need to consider dedicating all my attention to it, which won’t be such a bad idea by the way. It is a rather welcomed event as for some time now I have wanted already to be my own boss.

When my small company grows a little and transforms into something that I am going to talk about to my friends, I might need to consider using virtual assistant services. I am not so sure if I need a “real” assistant at the moment as I am able to take care of all the aspects of running my business on my own, but in the long run such the help of a virtual assistant can prove to be invaluable. I’d better already know where to look for such services in case I am going to need them in the nearest future.

When it comes to the requirements I have, I already composed a short and compact list of them I store in one of my Word documents on my desktop. I want my perfect virtual assistant to be competent, knowledgeable, polite and professional. Since she is going to be somebody to represent me, I want to make sure that my customers always talk to somebody who knows what she is doing. I expect a high level of professionalism from somebody who is there to represent me and I believe that I have every right to do that.