How to Avoid Internet Burnout

Did you know that the average American Internet user spends 68 hours per month online in front of his computer? This means that on average Internet users spend over 15 hours per week online. You might have heard about so-called Internet or computer burnout. Internet or computer burnout starts when a person spends a lot of time in front of his computer. Here are some ideas on how to avoid computer burnout:

-Try to take a break from your computer at least once every hour.
-Learn to separate your Internet experiences from your real life.
-Have a fast computer, which minimizes the time you will have to spend in front of the computer.
-Do not forget to have some exercise. If your body is tired of sitting in front of computer, you will need it.
-Take care of your personal life and work on your real-life relationships. You might have some friends on the Internet, but nothing will replace your real-life friends. Remember that sometimes people on the Internet might not be who they claim to be.