How to Buy a Land Rover

For residents of Portland, a Land Rover is considered a status symbol, proof that one has achieved certain financial milestones in their life. Buying a luxury vehicle for the first time can be exhilarating, but it can also be overwhelming. These vehicles require a different mindset when making a purchase and the more a person knows about buying luxury vehicles, the better experience they will have when they visit the dealership.

Check the Mileage

If you are planning to save money by buying a used luxury vehicle, make sure you pay close attention to the mileage. Higher end vehicles, those that reach beyond the $50,000 mark, that have a lot of miles will usually be worth less than those with a scant amount of miles. It is important for first-time luxury buyers to understand this because it will help during negotiations.

Color Issues

Cars come in a variety of colors, even luxury cars. But, just because you can purchase a yellow Land Rover doesn’t mean you should, especially if you are planning to resell the vehicle in a few years. Buyers expect their luxury vehicles to be certain colors. Economy cars may be able to get away with flashy colors, but most luxury buyers are interested in traditional, neutral colors like white, black, grey, and taupe. So, while you may get a great price on a yellow Land Rover, think twice about the resell value before you sign on the dotted line.

Limited Editions

Vehicles that are considered limited editions generally come with features that are not replicated on all models. They are usually specific to a model year and garner a higher-than-average price tag. Are limited edition models worth the extra money? It depends on why you are buying the vehicle. If your plans are to use the vehicle as a weekend car for a few years, then turn around and sell it, it could possibly be a good investment. If you are a collector, it could be a good investment, too. At dealerships in Portland Land Rover models vary in price and prestige. Finding one that meets your criteria and budget is possible whether it is a limited edition model or not.