How to Detect a Blogging Addiction

Here are some signs by which you can say that a person has a blogging addiction:

• You suffer “comment envy” – another bloggers post gets 50-something comments.
• You “binge blog” 3 or 4 posts at once, but only to feel guilty and empty afterward.
• You ditched all your real friends for blog friends, because, well, “they understand.”
• Your usual lunch hour has become your “blog hour.” You keep a few posts prepared in your desk in case you need them during the day.
• After a few minutes of meeting someone really interesting you ask, “So – do you blog?”
• You filter everything through your post-writing. You cannot watch a movie, see a play, read an article, or share a sweet moment with your child without thinking of whether it’s blog-worthy.
• After reading this post you go straight back to your blog. “Just one more post for today”, you say. If your conclusion is that you are indeed addicted, do not worry – you are not alone.

I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I also hope you realize that blogging in reality is not so dangerous as I portrayed it above. Why not try blogging yourself, maybe you will really like it and you have nothing to lose.