Ideas for Writing Good Posts

Some people say that content is all that matters when it comes to blogging. I would like to share with you a few ideas that will help you write better posts:
-Write short sentences. Almost nothing is as tiring as trying to catch up with long and complicated phrase. If you use short sentences, your readers are more likely to understand what you want to tell them.
-Use simple words. Avoid sophisticated language. Unless you hold a Ph.D., you are trying to appeal to readers from different social groups and different walks of life. You do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable by using words they cannot understand.
-Use positive language and blog about things that make you happy and relaxed. Use such adjectives as good, comfortable, beneficial, etc.
-Use dynamic and vigorous language. It is advisable to use a lot of verbs. It will add to your articles a feeling of constant motion.
-Make a good use of lists. This is my favorite style of writing. I often compose my articles so that they appear in the form of lists. This helps me in organizing my posts into logical sentences. It also helps me to avoid writing off-topic as well as unnecessary words and phrases.