Link Exchanges

I am looking for bloggers to exchange links with if they have a blog that adheres to the following criteria:
-Is dedicated to offering blogging tips and overall has posts about similar topics. Google values links from such sites the most.
-Is updated regularly. I try to update this blog whenever I can.
-Has original content. This is after all what blogs are all about.
-Is generally well established. It does not have to be a few years old, but at least a few weeks or months would be nice.
-Has similar Page Rank, mostly for SEO reasons.
-Will not be abandoned very soon. I think this point is quite obvious.

I am always willing to add new, interesting blogs to my blogroll. I am ever eager to recommend other blogs in my posts. If you have high Page Rank and you would like the name of your blog to be added to my blogroll, please fill out the contact form on my site. If accepted, your link will appear not only on my main page, but on each page of this blog, as this is how I have set up the blogroll. Exchanging links is a great way to obtain new sources of traffic and it will help you establish a name for yourself in the blogosphere.