Launching Your Feed into Space

Around sixty years ago humans first began transmitting television signals powerful enough to reach beyond our earth�s atmosphere. Blog in Space was the first website to allow everyday bloggers to transmit the news and thoughts of an everyday person into space. Blog in Space was taking your feed and transmitting it out on a powerful deep space transmission dish. Does it sound interesting? When it comes to marketing did you ever want to gain potential new visitors from outer space or maybe you just want to do something exciting? Visiting a website like this and submitting your feed might be a good idea. Such sites can transmit countless feeds. I know that the feeds were transmitted from over 100 countries of origin, which is quite a remarkable achievement. Some internet users may feel like there is stagnation on the internet and nothing original is getting released, but such websites prove otherwise. There is a lot of innovation going on and it depends on you whether you try to benefit from it. If you have some interesting ideas, then perhaps you could even launch some innovative website.