Radio Frequency (RF) Components

Radio Frequency (RF) Components

Coaxial cables and accessories have been around for a long time but many people may not have known of their widespread use until the previous decade with the explosion of informational technology. Companies that have been around for half a century or more have been ahead of their time supplying RF components to the military and commercial industries.

Cables, Connectors and Couplers

Consistency and capabilities are two important features for dependability and trust in RF equipment. High power is also necessary to deliver fast and efficient signals. A variety of high power coaxial directional couplers, such as Uni, Dual and Bi must be part of the company�s inventory. Other inventory components should include 90� hybrid couplers, coaxial RF and 180� hybrid combiners/dividers. Because new technologies are constantly being developed and produced the design of each must have high power for up to 17:1 bandwidth capability. They must also consistently operate at the designated power into voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) no loss of power or control.

Experience and Evidence of Reliability

Contracts for military equipment on board ships, in the air and mobile devices are huge testaments to a company�s reliability. Satellite radio, cellular, digital and RF bands for commercial industries are additional proof of a company�s reliability. When you visit company websites, such as Werlatone� you should be able to do a simple click here for all the information you need.