RSS and Email Subscriptions

What is most important for readers is to have easy access to information. There are many ways you can present information to readers, and the most obvious one in case of blogs is simply through your website. You work hard on your homepage and you like when people appreciate it. Unfortunately, this might not be enough for some readers, because they have to visit your blog on a daily basis to see if there is something new. That is why RSS and email subscriptions have been invented: they allow readers to know exactly when a new post is posted on your blog. The question is whether you should use RSS readers or Email subscriptions. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. That is because even thought RSS readers seem to be more convenient, many people are not familiar with them. Technology is changing so fast that many Internet surfers still do not know what RSS really is, and they are happy that they learned about email recently. That is why I recommend offering both RSS and email subscriptions. This way your visitors will be able to chose whatever they prefer. Setting up both subscription methods is not that hard, especially if you look at all of the benefits.