Save Money with Junk Yards

With metal costs on the rise, several junk yards are offering higher rates for scrap metal. Finding junk yards in Florida will help you to save money on car parts, or to find other salvage materials. If you need to find car parts that are discounted, using a junk yard is a great way to do it. Car dealerships and repair shops often charge customers a high cost for new car parts. Finding used parts from a junk yard is a great way to save hundreds of dollars on car repair costs. To find the right parts for your car, visit

Styles of Junkyards

There are two basic types of junkyards, the full-service junkyard and the pick and pull junkyard. At one junkyard, you call the company and they will find the part for you. Some of the companies will actually keep the parts on stock so they don�t need to go through the junk cars in the yard. Other companies will tell you to find the part yourself from the junk cars and bring the part back to purchase it. To find the right junk yard, call ahead to find out what cars they have on the lot. Some junkyards only deal with foreign cars while others will have a higher stock of domestic cars.

Bring Tools

Once you know what part you need, head over to the junkyard. You will need to sign a liability form, which is standard to protect the company in the event that you are injured while removing the part. Some junk yards will charge a fee to enter the property and walk around, even if you don�t leave with the part. Look at the price board to find out how much the part will cost. Once you find the car with your part, look around to make sure this is the only option. You need to try and find the best option out there when you are finding a used part. When you are pulling the part out of the car, make sure you do not damage other parts to pull it out. You could be liable for the additional part damage if you are not careful. Contact the right junk yards in Florida to find the right part for an affordable cost. For more information about finding used car parts, visit