Online Social Life

Blogging is all about social activities that we are involved in every day. The more engaged in those activities we are, the more satisfaction blogging will give us, and the better bloggers we will be. I’ve prepared the following list to share with you how you can participate in such social activities. Here goes the list:


1. Comment on other people�s blogs. Do it as much as possible and whenever possible. Don�t you just love being part of the blogosphere? It is visiting other people�s blogs and reading interesting posts that makes the life of every blogger so interesting and exciting. I think it is natural for bloggers to check out other blogs whenever their time allows.

2. Reward people for visiting your blog. You can do it in a few ways: by visiting and commenting on their blogs and by displaying on your homepage top commentators who post the biggest number of comments on your blog. This will definitely encourage your readers to comment. By doing so you will be linking to them, which will also benefit them. I know of at least a few bloggers who use very successful methods to encourage others to leave comments. The truth is simple, everyone likes his readers commenting on his blog, unless it is spam. Don�t you enjoy visiting your website and finding out that there are at least a few positive comments?

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you have fun, and make sure that you participate in the rich social life that the Internet has to offer to all those bloggers who enjoy staying in touch with each other and encouraging others. If you have any other ideas about how else a blogger can participate, please share it with me by leaving a comment.