Attracting Free Traffic To Your Website

The topic of attracting free traffic is very popular among bloggers. That is because everyone wants to know how do attract the highest number of visitors possible. In this article, I am going to share with you what works best for me. I am also going to discuss other methods that look like they could work, which I did not try yet.

1. Regularly visit other blogs. Whenever you visit a blog, try to leave a comment. In the blogosphere, the more a person is well known and active, the more he will gain. Join communities like MyBlogLog, Bumpzee, and Blogcatalog if you have time. Many bloggers have widgets of these communities on their sites, and if you are a member of these communities as well, your picture will appear among the recent visitors.

2. Comment a lot. Very often, when I look for new blogs to visit, I open a popular blog with a lot of visitors, and I check who commented there. By visiting the blogs of top commentators I am likely to attract to my own blog those who enjoy commenting. They might be later commenting on my own blog.

3. Write high quality posts. Sooner or later, other bloggers will start referring to you, and the word about your blog will spread.