How to Ask for Link Exchange

After launching a new website, you probably want other websites to link to it. The only problem is that new websites usually receive very few visitors. How are you going to convince popular and well-established websites to link to your new website?

Firstly, never accentuate that your website is new. Instead of saying �new� and �inexperienced� to describe yourself or your website, use words such as �fresh� and �innovative�.

Secondly, offer the websites from which you want to receive links something in exchange for linking to you. Offer to write an article about that website if its webmaster chooses to place a link pointing to your website. Alternatively, you can choose to promote the website in many other ways.

Lastly, make sure to emphasize how other webmasters can benefit by linking to your website. Remember to emphasize the fact that everything they will receive will be for free. The only thing they will have to do is link to your website.