Electronic Cigarettes as an Laternative to Traditional Cigarettes

I used to think that smoking cigarettes was going out of fashion, but it turns that I was rather wrong when it comes to that. Maybe in some circles fewer and fewer people smoke nicotine these days, but for the last couple of weeks I have seen so many smokers in the town center that it totally changed my mind. If only all those smokers knew that they can buy electronic cigarettes instead of buying regular cigarettes and smoking them in public.

Since I am a non-smoker, it bothers me every time somebody smokes near me or attempts to smoke near me or near my husband or my daughter. I usually try to go away when this happens as I don’t like the idea of being exposed to all this harmful smoke knowing that I have a right to a healthy environment. One problem with smoking is that when you smoke, you not only harm your health and your body, but you also harm everybody who happens to be near you. This is why switching to electronic cigarettes proves that you care not only about your health, but also about the health of all those who are around you.

Some time ago, my uncle switched to smoking electronic cigarettes instead of smoking traditional ones. It really worked for him and he never looked back. He had been a heavy smoker for many years and it seemed that he would never give up this habit. It seems that we were wrong thinking so and that after some time he was able to switch to electronic cigarettes completely. He still takes a morning break for a smoke, but instead of harming those he works with, he smokes something that isn’t harmful at all. I am very proud of my uncle Jim because I know that some people including my family were unhappy with this particular harmful habit. If he succeeded in switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, this means that everybody can do it without ever regretting his decision. I am sure that if you have ever tried to give up on smoking, you know what I am talking about here.

It was a paid post. All the points and views are my own.