Xango and Body Cleanse

I have some amazing experiences with something called a body cleanse. I don’t diet that often, so when a friend of mine recommended that we both go on a body cleanse, I was totally opposed to the idea at least at first. I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about and what she meant by the body cleanse. She told me something about xango juices and how we all were going to feel better drinking juices all day and snacking on veggies. I didn’t like the idea at all as I had some bad memories from dieting in the past.

It took my friend Janet a lot of time to convince me to follow her plan. I was probably the hardest and the most stubborn person she has ever encountered when it comes to that. I am glad that Janet was so persistent and that with her help I managed to achieve the impossible. Today, I am after at least a few successful cleanses and I have never felt better. There’s something great about nourishing your body with juices that makes you feel so great. I felt great, especially straight after the cleanse. I felt light as a feather and I absolutely loved the idea of it. Of course, I used to miss cake or stake occasionally at that time, but since I had a companion to keep me in check, I wasn’t tempted too much to eat anything “illegal” during the cleanse.

I would recommend drinking fruit and veggie juices not only when you want to try a cleanse, but also as part of your diet. There’s something very nice about fruit and veggie juices. Every time I drink juice, I feel refreshed and full of strength. I also know that at least I am doing something good for my body and for my well being. I recommend drinking juices at least once per day. I also recommend fresh juices you can make in a juicer, because when you buy ready juices in boxes, they are usually loaded with sugar.

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