How to Benefit from Mass Texting

Did you know that over 94% text messages sent to mobile phone users are read? This means that as a marketer, if you send a message to a person, chances are that they are going to read it. I even read a few text messages that appeared om my mobile phone this morning. The reason I decided to read them is that they were concise, straight to the point, and didn’t take me that much of my precious free time.

While a small business owner might not have enough funds to be able to afford a TV or radio ad, he can always benefit from Text Marketing which is usually affordable for the small or medium business owner. I know what you might be thinking. You might be thinking that it can be even cheaper to send mass emails. It isn’t necessarily true that sending mass emails is a cheaper solution compared to Mass Texting, but this is not the only reason mass texting is the preferred solution for many small and medium business owners. An email can easily get lost in a sea of spam. Tell me honestly, do you read all the emails you receive? I sift through all my emails in the morning, but I never read all of them, but rather pick those that seem to be of particular interest to me.

One beef with emails I have is that they take me too long to read. This is probably why I give up on an email even before reading it. This is rarely true when it comes to my text messages that appear on my mobile phone around the clock. I think I am even going to start sending text messages myself to promote my small business seeing how effective text messaging seems to be for small business owners like me.