Test Ride a Triumph and Ride Free

Riding a motorcycle has multiple advantages over driving a car or other four-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycles use a lot less fuel than heavier vehicles. You will end up saving a lot of money at the pump. You could even fill your motorcycle up with premium and still save a ton of money over filling your car up with regular. Finding a parking space is also a lot easier when you�re riding a motorcycle. Many businesses have special motorcycle parking close to their entrance. Gas mileage and convenience aside, riding a motorcycle is just a lot more fun than driving a car. Being cramped up in your car all day can get on anyone�s nerves. Stress can run high while driving and road rage is common. You should at least try to experience the road on two wheels. Come test drive a Triumph in Charlottesville.

Low Stress High Awareness Riding

Driving a car almost always increases stress. Drivers are rude to each other. Most have a very selfish way of driving that offers no common courtesy to other drivers. How many times has someone sped up to block you after you signaled that you needed to make a lane change? Careless actions such as this can lead to accidents and road rage. Riding a motorcycle is a different story. When you�re on a motorcycle you stop caring so much about people being courteous. Your life is on the line every second you ride. This danger causes you to have a heightened sense of awareness. You�re no longer expecting people to be courteous. You expect the absolute worst situation and make plans ahead of time.

Experience the Joys of Riding

The awareness that comes from riding a motorcycle counteracts the stress caused by other drivers. It isn�t such a downer when someone cuts you off because you were already expecting the worst. When the traffic clears up there is a great feeling of freedom that comes from riding along through twisty mountain roads. Test ride a Triumph in Charlottesville if you think riding might be right for you. Feel the exhilaration of riding free.