Improving Online Social Life

Some time ago I discussed ways to improve your online social life. Here are some more ideas on how to further enrich it:

� Link abundantly to other bloggers. This can really pay off especially when you do not expect it. People like checking who is writing about them and might mention this fact in one of their posts. I noticed that many popular bloggers do that.
� Join and be active in such communities like MyBlogLog. While trying to find how such communities like MyBlogLog can enrich the social life of many bloggers, I found some interesting articles from which I learned a lot. I myself have enjoyed participating in MyBlogLog and a lot of good things came out of it for my other blog. What I like the most about it is the widget that so many bloggers put on their site that displays the icons of other bloggers visiting their site. Basically, it displays the icons of bloggers that are also part of MyBlogLog community. To get most out of your membership in MyBlogLog, you need to actively participate in the community.

To sum up, I can say that blogging can be a very rewarding activity. It is up to the blogger how his social life looks like. There are many ways to enrich it, and make it even better.