Over Five Months of Blogging

Just recently this blog has celebrated five months since its creation and I think that is quite a big success. There are many blogs that are being created every day, but only some of them really stand the test of time. The number of blogs being abandoned every day is really amazing. That is probably because it is not that easy to manage a blog. Of course, there are currently blogs that are many years old, but I am really happy about this blog anyway. Currently there are quite a lot of posts on the website and I trust that most of them have been useful to my readers, because I believe in blogging about practical things and giving advice that can be useful in our lives. You may find some of my posts to be less practical, but such posts usually reveal some aspect of me, which I believe is also an important thing to do as a blogger. I do not know how old this blog will eventually be, but all I hope for is that it will be regarded as a blog with useful information. If you are reading this post right now, it means that something attracted you to do so. I hope that it is because you found my other posts interesting as well.